I had trouble hailing a cab the last time I was in Boston, but I happened to be just a few blocks from a hotel. I walked in the side door, out the front door, and the doorman had a cab for me in seconds. (Of course I tipped him) » 4/13/15 7:58am Monday 7:58am

I could see that, though the way other characters react to Peter Quill in Guardians could be explained by StarFox being his dad. I'm thinking specifically about the way characters can be infuriated by him at a distance, and then become happy to see him as soon as he shows up. » 1/26/15 1:56pm 1/26/15 1:56pm

There are a lot of things in Guardians that make much more sense if Starfox is Starlord's dad, like why so many women fall for him, or why Yondu wants to kill him until they're face to face, at which point he loves him like a son. » 12/24/14 6:21am 12/24/14 6:21am